BD Viper™ LT system

Be her advocate for more precise HPV testing with extended genotyping to identify HPV types beyond 16, 18 and 45

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The BD Viper™ LT system offers fully automated molecular testing for the BD Onclarity™ HPV assay – the only FDA-approved assay with extended genotyping – out of BD SurePath™ Liquid-based Pap Test and the Hologic ThinPrep® Pap Test.


BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay
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BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay
  • Extended genotyping
    Can individually identify HPV 31, which poses a higher risk for cervical precancer as compared to HPV 18

  • Risk factor traceability
    Can track genotype-specific high-risk HPV persistence, the most important determinant of cervical cancer risk in women who test HPV-positive, regardless of HPV genotype.
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Features and Benefits


  • Compact, integrated, self-contained table top system
  • Room temperature reagent storage
  • Sample to results within a single system



  • Supports bi-directional LIS integration
  • Middleware solution through BD Totalys™ Datalink
  • Remote support through BD Assurity Linc™ to help maximize system uptime



  • Standardized ready-to-use reagents
  • <15 minutes hands-on time for run setup
  • Up to 30 sample results in 4.5 hours
  • 120 results per day. Last user intervention at 9.5 hour in high-throughput mode
  • Perform interleaved runs, improving throughput by staggering batches

Comprehensive results

  • BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay with extended genotyping is a multiplex real-time PCR assay for the qualitative detection of 14 high-risk HPV types
  • On-demand genotyping for individual results of 16, 18, 45, 31, 51 and 52 with pooled results of 33/58, 35/39/68 and 56/59/66
  • E6/E7 DNA target
  • Utilizes human beta globin as an internal control


BD SurePath™ Collection Vial
BD SurePath™ Collection Vial

The BD SurePath™ Collection Vial offers simple standardized cell collection with positive sample identification and the convenience of being a single source for cytology and molecular testing.


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Products & Accessories
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    BD Viper™ LT System Instrument Manual

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    BD Viper™ LT Waste Bag

  • product-image

    BD ProbeTec™ Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) Qx Assay Gray Amp Reagent Pack

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ LT SDA Accessory Kit

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ LT PCR Tube/Carrier Accessory Kit

  • product-image

    BD ProbeTec™ Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC) Qx Assay Gray Amp Reagent Pack

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ LT System

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ SDA Extraction Reagent Trough

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ LT Seismic Table

  • product-image

    Swab Diluent for the BD ProbeTec™ Qx Amplified DNA Assays

  • product-image

    BD ProbeTec™ Qx Collection Kit for Endocervical or Lesion Specimens

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ 2 Gallon Liquid Waste Bottle

  • product-image

    Control Set for the BD ProbeTec™ (CT/GC) Qx Amplified DNA Assays

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ One Gallon Liquid Waste Bottle

  • product-image

    BD Viper™ Microwell Package 8 EA

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