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BD Viper™ system with XTR technology

Obtain diagnostic accuracy through precision product design and a commitment to reliability

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The BD Viper™ system with XTR technology is a single automated platform that efficiently runs five sexually transmitted disease assays with clinical accuracy and minimal hands-on time.

Features and Benefits
The BD Viper system delivers up to 736 results per an 8.5-hour shift, with less than 20 minutes of total hands-on time per run and onboard sample DNA extraction.
The system runs up to five sexually transmitted disease assays simultaneously.
Increased accuracy
Increased accuracy
Automatic system checks ensure the system is running smoothly prior to and during each run.
Reduced errors
Reduced errors
Automated sample processing and ready-to-use reagents reduce labor and errors.
Trusted results

BD has implemented a broad range of measures to provide you with the most reliable test results to serve your patient's needs.

Fast, actionable results

The system requires a 10-minute setup time only, and provides clear yes/no results―no equivocal zone.

Safe waste management
Liquid waste is automatically neutralized and collected in a waste bottle. Pipette tips are automatically discarded and collected in waste box.
High-throughput system
Continuous batching, batch size 96 specimens two hours and 40 minutes for the first 184 CT/GC results; 184 CT/GC results every one hour and 40 minutes following the first results.
Amplification and detection technology
The system features strand displacement amplification with real-time amplification and detection. Closed solid barrier amplification system.
Specimen handling
The system features an onboard capacity of 96 samples including controls per run and six-station pipettor with liquid-level sensing. A membrane switch pad records the location of the tube.
Specimen collection type
Vaginal and endocervical swabs, urethral swabs, urine, liquid-based cytology (LBC). All collection devices utilize pierceable caps during processing.
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