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PowerFlow™ IV Port Access Systems

Convenient all-in-one kits designed specifically for the PowerFlow™ Implantable Apheresis IV Port

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PowerFlow™ IV Port Access Systems are convenient all-in-one kits designed specifically for the PowerFlow™ Implantable Apheresis IV Port. Kit components are organized to facilitate sterile “best practices” for PowerFlow™ IV Port access procedures, and to help clinicians comply with nursing society and CDC guidelines for sterile port access.

Features and Benefits

The AllPoints™ Port Access System

is a step-by-step port access system designed to aid clinicians in their efforts of improving the standard of care for port patients. The system is designed with components that are presented in a step-by-step, sequential layout that may promote consistency of care and is designed to assist clinicians in maintaining sterile technique.


  1. Face Mask (2)
  2. Gloves (1 of 2)
  3. Hand Sanitizer (1 of 2)
  4. Saline Syringes (2)
  5. Gloves (2 of 2)
  6. Hand Sanitizer (2 of 2)
  7. BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ Shielded IV catheter (1)        – 16 G or 14 G
  8. Absorbent Towel (1)
  9. Chloraprep™ (1)
  10. Two-Legged Extension Set (1)
  11. Prep Pad, Skin Protectant (1)
  12. 2 x 2 Gauze Pads (4)
  13. GuardIVa™ Antimicrobial Hemostatic Dressing (1)
  14. Tape Strips (3)
  15. Transparent Dressing (1)

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    The PowerFlow™ Implantable Apheresis IV Port is a high-flow, power-injectable port designed and indicated specifically for therapeutic apheresis. The PowerFlow™ Implantable Apheresis IV Port is designed for long device life, maximum flow, and patient comfort.



    Please consult Instructions for Use for product indications for use, contraindications, warnings, precautions, complications, adverse events and detailed safety information.