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BD Pyxis™ MedFlex Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Expandable medical storage cabinets supporting a mixed use of medications, medical supplies, and controlled substance inventory management within an automated dispensing system.

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BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 and 2000

Providing medication availability for first dose and emergency meds

The NEW  BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 and BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 automated dispensing cabinets utilize new hardware paired with existing BD Pyxis™ MedBank™ software to deliver a unique and differentiated offering in non-acute settings where manual processes are typically used for medication and medical supply inventory management.

Hardware overview:

  • Enhanced Bio-ID fingerprint identification
  • Double the hard-drive storage
  • New barcode reader provides purpose-built housing that offers enhanced protection against the spread of bacteria
  • Color touch-screen user interface
  • Medical supply storage with adjustable shelving
  • Configurable, locked and tamper evident smart CUBIE™ drawer options, optimal for controlled substance management
  • Configurable matrix drawer options for small medical supplies or non-controlled medication management 


Highlighted features:

  • Provides medication availability for emergency, first dose and as needed medications
  • Supports inventory management and audits with a wide variety of reports
  • May support your controlled substance management efforts by providing discrepancy reports, authorized employee access, CUBIE™ pockets for single item management, and providing remote authorization codes for controlled substance removal requests 


Image Gallery

Three-drawer and six-drawer BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 and BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 automated dispensing cabinets

BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 and BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 automated dispensing cabinet solutions provide flexibility and versatility for medication dispensing and medical supply storage in busy outpatient and non-acute healthcare environments.

BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 automated dispensing cabinet

BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000


BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 automated dispensing cabinets

BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000


BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 automated dispensing cabinets

BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000


BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 automated dispensing cabinet

BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000


System Overview

BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 3-Drawer

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automated dispensing cabinets non-acute

    Features and Benefits

    Controlled access 

    Single med access when using CUBIE™ pockets, fingerprint ID, countback and witness features

    Remote software updates and upgrades

    Program and automatically update software remotely utilizing the Auto-Upgrader feature 

    Inventory management

    Inventory synchronization and expiration tracking through the BD Pyxis™ myQLink cloud-enabled platform 

    Charge capture 

    Pair with inventory and practice management software for invoice reporting

    Discrepancy  management 

    Automated monitoring of discrepancies with visual identifiers on the cabinet or e-mail alert options

    Electronic logbook

    Electronic inventory tracking and reporting helps simplify historical data inquiries

    Long-term care specific workflow

    CUBIE™ pockets used in the BD Pyxis™ MedBank™ offering are designed to be managed by facility nurses. This helps decrease the need for the pharmacy tech to perform the CUBIE™ exchange at long-term care facilities 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are BD Pyxis MedFlex automated dispensing cabinets different from BD Pyxis MedBank™ Mini, BD Pyxis MedBank™ Tower, and BD Pyxis SupplyBank 1000 Main?

    • Compared to BD Pyxis™ MedBank™ Mini, BD Pyxis™ MedBank™ Tower, and BD Pyxis™ Supply Bank 1000 Main, the BD Pyxis™ MedFlex system is uniquely designed for more storage capacity of controlled substances and other medications within the configurable CUBIE™ drawers, and additional medical supply capacity within the locking automated dispensing cabinets.
    • The BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 is simply the base BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 product with an additional (auxiliary) locked medical cabinet for increased storage of medical supplies.



    What type of medical facility would benefit from additional medical storage and automated medication dispensing using the BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 1000 and BD Pyxis™ MedFlex 2000 systems?

    Ideal usage scenarios:

    • ASC (ambulatory surgery center) / surgery centers
    • LTC (long-term care facility)
    • Hospice
    • Outpatient clinics
    • Physician clinics
    • Non-acute facilities
    • Nursing facilities

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