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BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor

BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor is a hosted software application that aggregates disparate data from hospital source systems, enabling medication stewardship alerts, analytics and dashboards.  With integration of advanced analytics, alerting and reporting tools into your pharmacy efforts, increased visibility into changing patient conditions can help in your efforts to standardize pharmacologic therapies while also helping your efforts to prioritize issues critical to your organization and driving consistencies in care improvement. 

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As clinical conditions change, you may not be seeing the most pertinent alerts in your EMR quickly enough to take action. And, once you’ve identified the need to change, lack of consistency in implementing and documenting these pharmacological therapy changes and scattered hospital data insights can impact patient safety and quality of care.   

With BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor you can leverage user-defined, near real-time notifications to help identify patients that are potentially at risk for adverse drug events and/or medication stewardship intervention as part of your efforts to enhance patient care.  

With integration of advanced analytics, alerting and reporting tools into your pharmacy efforts, increased visibility into changing patient conditions and can help in your efforts to standardize pharmacologic therapies, while helping your efforts to prioritize issues critical to your organization and help drive consistencies in care improvement.



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