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Prevue™ II vascular access probe

When the choice is critical

Patient care is fast paced and often critical. When it comes to placing an intravenous device, it’s important that you can do so with efficiency and accuracy. Introducing the BD Prevue™ II Vascular Access System—a smart innovation in portable ultrasound vascular access devices.

By providing clinicians with a vascular access device that has built-in control across all elements—from the probe through vessel assessment tools—they know that this procedure is uncomplicated, and they can focus on optimizing IV technique. This smartly designed tool puts confidence in the hands of the clinician, giving patients peace of mind that they are getting the best care deserved.


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Please consult product labels and inserts for indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions and directions for use.

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BD-66542 (8/22)


GTIN - Each




20 mm


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Product Basic Specification

Dimensions 20 mm
Electronic Instructions for Use (eIFUs)
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is compatible with all peripheral devices.

Yes, the system is compatible with BD peripheral devices that are enabled with Cue™ Needle Tracking Software.

No, BD Cue™ Needle Tracking Software is only compatible with BD Cue™ enabled peripheral devices, PowerGlide™ PRO and AccuCath ACE.

No, this unit is not compatible with Sherlock™ 3CG TCS.

BD recommends choosing a validated method for disinfection that is based on Spauling classification.

Yes, BD Prevue™ II Vascular Access Ultrasound System indications for use includes pediatric use.

BD Prevue™ II Vascular Access Ultrasound System software can be upgraded via WiFi or USB (available upon request).

BD Prevue™ II Vascular Access Ultrasound System has Windows 10 installed.

The imaging depth of BD Prevue™ II Vascular Access Ultrasound System is 2.5 cm.

The battery life for BD Prevue™ II Vascular Access Ultrasound System is approximately two hours. The system will indicate that the battery is critically low before shutting down completely.

The battery will not overheat during normal use to prevent shutdown mid-procedure.

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