Nurses: In the Flow

Sharing BD Nurse Leader perspectives and stories on innovation and our collaborations with the nursing profession.

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Carolyn Gorman

Chief Nurse — BD Medication Mangement Solutions


Happy National IV Nurse Day!

Today, January 25, is recognized as National IV Nurse Day. On behalf of BD Medication Management Solutions (MMS), I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all infusion nurses and other healthcare professionals who provide critical infusion therapy to patients.

Every day, we engage the nursing profession in our work to help forward thinking health systems support automated workflows that can improve medication safety. There’s no doubt we need the expertise, support and active collaboration of nurses to advance medication management to be safer, simpler, and smarter across the care continuum.

I’m pleased to share the creation of a new online series for MMS, “Nurses: In the Flow.” Hospitals are powered by incredible nurses and care teams that work together to deliver quality care for patients. Throughout the series, we’ll share MMS nurse leader perspectives on collaboration across healthcare to support the creation of streamlined systems and solutions for smart, connected care.

Stay tuned on as we share those nursing stories to drive innovation and better solutions to help address today's pressing healthcare challenges.



“Nurses: In the Flow,” a BD MMS Series to share BD nurse leader perspectives and stories on how BD collaborates across healthcare with the nursing profession to support streamlined systems and solutions for smart, connected care.