Sonya Mitchell on BD Alaris™ Infusion System + Interoperability

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Sonya Mitchell

VP, Clinical and Customer Success — BD Medication Mangement Solutions

As we celebrate National IV Nurse Day 2024 and I reflect on my time at the beside as a critical care nurse, I am struck by the numerous advances in infusion therapy safety over the last two decades. 

Arguably, there is nothing a nurse does that carries a higher potential for harm than delivering IV medications. Due to the inherent risk, utilizing smart pump technology with bi-directional interoperability must become a more utilized standard of care. 

I am proud to support the BD Alaris™ Infusion System, which is the most connected platform with the broadest interoperability expertise across both Large Volume Pump and Syringe medications.  

With over 760 hospitals live with BD Alaris™ EMR Interoperability, BD is blazing the trail to help ensure every patient and every nurse administering IV therapy is protected.

Happy National IV Nurses Day. And thanks to all the healthcare professionals that have driven decades of continuing education, advocacy, and professional development in infusion therapy.


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