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Carolyn Gorman, BSN, RN

Chief Nurse, BD Medication Management Solutions


National Hospital Week (May 12-18, 2024) is an opportunity to highlight hospitals, health systems and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting and connecting with their community. 

At BD, we are committed to helping healthcare workers and caregivers do what they do best – provide quality care that patients need and deserve. Through our medication management solutions, our goal is to supply health care workers with innovative technology that is safer, simpler and smarter so they can focus on what matters most.



Supporting safety at every step


Starting with safety, our medication management solutions are designed to help address points of human error, which may occur due to clinical practice variations, manual workarounds, disconnected systems or diversion. Supporting streamlined systems enable technology-driven, standardized workflows to help reduce variations and manual errors across the care continuum because detecting and addressing medication safety risks before they reach the patient is paramount.



Advancing streamlined systems


We understand that inadequate hospital staffing may lead to overworked caregivers and impact safety. The U.S. Surgeon General’s advisory, Addressing Health Worker Burnout, reported that “burnout can have harmful consequences for patient care and safety, such as patients getting less time with health workers, delays in care and diagnosis, lower quality of care, medical errors and increased disparities.”

With that in mind, we at BD advocate for simpler, streamlined systems and solutions that help enable fewer manual steps, reduce administrative tasks and support productive workflows. Simplifying how caregivers manage medication management through advancing streamlined systems across the care continuum can lead to more and safer patient care. 



Providing expert guidance

A commitment to innovating around clinicians’ real needs, freeing them to focus on quality patient care – is behind our commitment to advancing solutions and systems that help the healthcare community improve safety, increase efficiency and streamline systems. We are focused on reducing the workload of caregivers through high-value services and support offerings that that help make it easier to prioritize patient care, while supporting clinical and operational goals. 



In the American Hospital Association’s Power of One video for National Hospital Week 2024, it states that “hospitals mend bodies, promote wellness and give hope through life-saving technology applied with a human touch.”

At BD, our purpose of advancing the world of healthTM is powered by developing innovative technology, services and solutions that help advance both clinical therapy for patients and clinical process for healthcare providers. Through our BD Institute for Medication Management Excellence and our Connected Medication Management Advisory Board, we are continuously seeking input from our customers as to how we can improve and innovate our technology. 

We would like to thank all health care workers for sharing their insights with us and for everything they do to provide high quality and safe patient care.



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