University Medical Center: Safety and Savings in Las Vegas - Nurses Have Decision Supportat UMC

Facility: University Medical Center with 565 beds in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Learn how a new automated clinical surveillance service helps improve patient care


UMC wanted to proactively identify patients for potential adverse clinical events and enhance communication between physicians, pharmacy and nurses.


A key piece of the patient care strategy at UMC is a closed-loop medication management system anchored by the Pyxis MedStation™ system. UMC adopted Pyxis™ Advisor to analyze clinical data from multiple sources and deliver alerts to nurses at their medication-dispensing stations when the potential for adverse drug reactions are detected.


By monitoring hospital inpatient adverse clinical events in real time, the pharmacy can expand surveillance efforts hospital-wide. Pyxis Advisor gives UMC the opportunities to proatively address the events and enhance communication between physicians, pharmacists and nursing.


"We were having some one-unit storage rooms losing $19,000 in charges a month. We quickly realized that to control inventory in the OR, it would take a lot more than just color-coding, moving stock around and cleaning up. That's what drove us to consider the secure supply automation solutions." Randy Sauls Chief Operating Officer

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