Contrast enhanced CT: a comprehensive approach

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The radiology department is becoming increasingly busy, where efficiency and throughput are critical but must be achieved without compromising the delivery of top notch patient care. From the importance of selecting the right peripheral IV catheter to proper administration of IV contrast, the technologist must have a comprehensive understanding of the entire process. This presentation focuses on implementing evidence-based best practices for contrast-enhanced CT procedures that may assist busy radiology departments achieve better outcomes and greater clinical efficiencies.

Megan Stuff
Assistant Director of Clinical Operations, BD

Learning objectives

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    Administer contrast

    Understand how to successfully prepare for and administer contrast.

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    Deliver the best patient care

    Learn how to deliver the best patient care possible while managing the demands of a busy radiology department.

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    Evidence-based best practices 

    Review current literature supporting evidence-based best practices for contrast-enhanced CT procedure.

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    Better outcomes and clinical efficiencies

    Recognize how evidence-based best product technology during contrast-enhanced CT procedure may lead to better outcomes and clinical efficiencies.


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