Vascular Access in the Midst of COVID-19

Vascular access management webinars


Times of stress and crisis allow professionals to evaluate familiar procedures in a new light. The insights gained from this evaluation enable facilities and clinicians to modify policies or actions which might otherwise be mired in confirmation bias and institutional inertia. COVID-19 is allowing hospitals and clinicians across the nation to look at how they are doing vascular access and thus provides opportunity for vascular access specialists to bring to bear evidence-based best practices.

Jon Bell MSN, RN, VA-BC

Continuing education

The presentation is 60 minutes in length and approved by the CA BRN for 1 CE credit.

Learning objectives

Understand the way in which crisis affects our perceptions of common procedures.

Identify areas of vascular access improvement.

Describe ways to improve vascular access in your organization.

Compose a plan to implement change to vascular access processes.


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