Alaris™ System Spare Parts

Alaris™ System Programing Module Point-of-Care (PCU) Models 8000 & 8015

Point-of-Care (PCU) Models 8000 & 8015

31st March, 2022

Item #Part Number       Description
280146500-100AC Line Filter
285320140-020AC Line Filter, Fuse (Line Filter Fuse 2.0 Amp SLOBLO 5x20mm CYL)
50battery_kitBattery Pack Assembly (Main Battery)
510015156Board, Inverter (Color LCD Display) (Model 8015)
230TC10006335Board, Logic Kit Assembly (Model 8015) Unleaded
230TC10008452Board, Logic PCBA (Model 8015LS)
240TC10006929Board, Power Supply (Model 8015)
470H0000082Board, Power Supply Assy. (Switching Power Supply)
120TC10004047Board, SIO Assembly (Isolated RS-232) (Model 8015)  (RJ45 Assy.)
2TC10003916Board, Wireless Communication Extension BD (Model 8015)
 49000459Case, (Rear Kit, Consists of: Backup Speaker & Gasket, Batt Label, Name plate Label, Keypad Lockout Label, Patent Label and Silicon Tubing, also not attached is Serial Number Replacement Label)  - for factory built version V9.19 and below
 49000460Case, Rear 4th edition, (Rear Kit, Consists of: Backup Speaker & Gasket, Batt Label, Name plate Label, Keypad Lockout Label, Patent Label and Silicon Tubing, also not attached is Serial Number Replacement Label)  - for factory built version V9.33.1 and above
18TC10008389Case, (Front / Keypad Assy.) (Front Case & Keypad) 8015LS
201049000459Case, Rear Kit, Consists of: Backup Speaker & Gasket, Batt Label, Name plate Label, Keypad Lockout Label, Patent Label and Silicon Tubing, also not attached is Serial Number Replacement Label)  
124TC10006331Plug RJ45
6TC10005885Cover, Clear Plastic Network Card w/ foam gasket ABG card 
 TC10008149Cover Rear PCU (ABGN panel cover)
 11749252FIPS - Tamper Seals (Sheet of 7)
 12197081FIPS - Wooden Stick
 11935165FIPS Kit - Orange Stick, Tamper Evident Seal, Instructions
 TC10006491Gasket Molded LCD 8015 LS
120147973-001Gasket, Line Filter Internal (Power Supply Assy. Left Frame Support)
432TC10004210Gasket, Rear AC Filter 
13410016096Gasket, Rear Case Kit (Consists of: Gasket Rear Strip, Gasket Upper Rear, Gasket Rear AC Filter, Gasket Rear Speaker) + Installation Instructions
847147765-000Gasket, Rear Lower
131TC10003665Gasket, Rear Panel Outside Communications Board (Model 8015)
133148124-000Gasket, Rear Right Inside (Model 8012 & 8015)
121147449-000Gasket, Rear Strip
200849000223General Hardware Kit, (PC Unit) (Consists of: Rubber Feet, Rear Panel, Boot Seal, Shroud Tamper Switch, Speaker Retainer Bracket, 4-40 Nut, 10-32 Nut, Cable Tie, Spring Leaf Latch Module, Compression Spring, Snap Rivot, Brass Eyelet snap, Washer #4 Inter Locking, Screw Rear Case long & short, Screw Back Plate & Handle, Screw Latch, Screw Battery & IUI, Screw Pole Clamp Center, Screw Pole Clamp Mounting Plate)
 12277151 Ground Clip (Color LCD Display) (Model 8015LS) 
245TC10008305GROUND PLATE, 8015 LS
N/A146735-000Ground Strap 8015 (Right Support Frame)
 12277151Grounding Clip 8015 LS
2025148315-100Handle Kit, (Consists of: Bottom Handel, Top Handel, & 4 Screws)
85145442-000Handle Shaft
88806200Handle Shaft Gasket (O-Ring NOM size 1/4 ID x 1/16 W)
320TC10003316Harness Assembly, Battery Connector
304143359-100Harness Assembly, Battery Discharge
468146574-100Harness Assembly, DC Output
11TC10004650Harness Assembly, Display Inverter (Model 8015)
210145882IUI Circuit Board Left
220145889IUI Circuit Board Right
2004147078-100IUI Connector Kit Left (Consists of: IUI Connector Left and Connector Seal)
200349000553IUI Connector Kit Right (Consists of: IUI Connector Right and Gasket)
2007147081-100Label Kit (Consists of: RS-232 Label, Model/Serial #, Nameplate, Battery Label, Fuse Rating Label  and Ground Symbol Label)  obsolete.
620123273Label, Ground Symbol
64510916654Label, Keypad Lockout/RS-232
67010012610Label, Patent
665144357-000Label, Power Cord Retainer
600125569Label, Serial Number replacement
375144424-100LED Assembly, Keypad Backlight
F147080-100Module latch Kit (Consists of: Latch, Latch Support, Leaf Spring and Compression Spring)
 TC10007990LCD 8015LS Display, Retainer Upper
 TC10008708LCD Backlight cable 8015LS (New Version)
 TC10006494LCD Backlight cable 8015LS (Old Version)
 49000311LCD DISPLAY COLOR 5.7 TFT NEC 8015 LS
24TC10006177LCD Display, Flex Cable (Models 8015 with 5.7" Display)
21TC10006491LCD Display, Molded Gasket (Models 8015 with 5.7" Display)
2010147124-100Pole Clamp Assembly (Consists of: Knob/Lead Screw, Pole Clamp, Clamp Tip, and Roll Pin)
160142791-000Pole Clamp, C Clamp
180142793-000Pole Clamp, Knob/Lead Screw
182139900Pole Clamp, Lead Screw Tip
184305414Pole Clamp, Lead Screw Tip Pin
200049000220Pole Clamp, Mounting Kit (Consists of: Mounting Plate and Gasket)
472148452-000Power Cord
140TC10007991Power Cord Retainer (screws not included, order 321033)
473980-1015-1Power Cord Wrap
474809061Power Cord Wrap (Brass Snap)
 304576Power Cord Wrap (Screw)
 305316Power Cord Wrap (Star washer)
848320086Power Supply Fuse (3.5 Amp.)
 P00000064Quick Reference Guide Ver. 8 (EtCO2)
 P00000066Quick Reference Guide Ver. 8 (SPO2 Nellcor), (SPO2 Masimo)
 P00000185Quick Reference Guide Ver. 9 (PCA) 
 P00000205Quick Reference Guide Ver. 9 (Syringe)
 TC10008149Rear Cover 8015
 10016038Rear panel Kit with Gaskets, 8015 (for wireless communication extension board)
130TC10003654Clear Plastic Rear panel, 8015 (for wireless communication extension board)
827304576SCREW MACH 4-40X1/2 TRH PHH SS
815320853Screw, (AC Line Filter) & (Power Cord Retainer) & (Battery Connector)
810304319Screw, (Back Plate) & (Handle) & (Stand Off PWR Supply BD)
830320855Screw, (Battery Pack Assembly) & (IUI Connector) & (LCD Display)
826300346Screw, (Connector Plug RJ45) & (Top Power Supply Board) & (Switching Power Supply)
84212276773Screw, (Ground Plate)
3010012918Screw, (Inverter Board) (Model 8015)
825320851Screw, (Latch)
840320169Screw, (Pole Clamp Center Screw)
835TC10006429Screw, (Pole Clamp Mounting Plate)
32300345Screw, (Power Supply Stand off Screws)
805320856Screw, (Rear Case Long Screws Top)
800320854Screw, (Rear Case Screws Bottom- RED SCREW)
31321033Screw, (Retainer, Display Upper)
2009147093-100Silicone tubing (AKA: seal)
110TC10008716SIO Rear Panel (try his part first, if doesn’t work use part below)
 142787-002SIO Rear Panel
113147466-000SIO Rear Panel Gasket
432806112Snap Rivot
125TC10006640Speaker (Main Speaker) (Model 8015) Does not come with Gasket
 147984-000Speaker (Main Speaker Gasket) (Model 8015)
134147744-001Speaker Bracket
2001147075-100Speaker Kit (Back-up Speaker and Gasket)
195320840Standoff, (Board Power Supply)
 49000224 Pole - Support Frame Left PCU Kit Assy Frame ROHS 
 49000216 Pole - Support Frame Right PCU Kit Assy Frame ROHS (Pole clamp screw) 
122TC10004232Tamper Switch (Model 8015)
127320937Tamper Switch Boot Seal
128147780-000Tamper Switch Shroud
476320761Washer, (#4 Internal Tooth Locking)
833320908Washer, (Battery Pack Assembly) & (Rear Case Long Screw)
363320167Washer, (Flat)
844803204Washer, (Internal Tooth Locking)
138320911Washer, (Shoulder Connector Plug RJ45)
843803215Washer, (Split Lock)

Other Items

Item #Part Number       Description
 P00000171Service Technical Manual 8015 / 8100
 49000429KIT SEAL FIPS
 10941046KIT 802.11 A/B/G WIRELSS CFC  (Government Only)
 H0000142KIT RCND 802.11 A/B/G WIRELSS CFC
842147422-000Cable, Serial Port to RJ45 Connector (used for comms from PC to PC Unit)
 12273817Cable, USB to Serial adapter Kit (Keyspan USA-19HS)
 49000418IUI COVER (GREEN) - package of 10

Packing & Shipping Materials

Item #Part Number       Description
 147783-100PKG MTL APM 8000 (Box and foam)
 147784-100PKG MTL SINGLE LVP/SPO2 8X00
 147782-100PKG MTL FIVE UNIT LVP/SPO2 8X00
 10014428BOX PKG DIM 18X12X10 (Box only)
 10011844KIT  PACKAGING MATERIAL 8110 (Box and foam)
 10012054PCA PACKAGING ASSY. (Box and foam)


Part numbers are subject to change without notice.

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