Alaris™ System Spare Parts

End tidal Carbon Dioxide (EtC02) 8300

End tidal Carbon Dioxide (EtC02) 8300

31st March, 2022

Item #P/N ¹       Description
35TC10008126Board, Display
55TC10011942Board, Logic 
3711754144Board, Oridion Module Assembly
39TC10008127Board, Power Supply
47148249-100Cable Assembly EtCO2
2049000215Case, Front (Front Case/Keypad Assembly)
8510013667Case, Rear (Assembly Nameplate & Labels)
21TC10003415Door Assembly
23148228-000Door Assembly, Spring Retainer
22148130-002Door Assembly, Torsion Spring
24321246Door Assembly, Cotter Pin
45148131-001Frame Mech
40TC10008320IUI Connector Bracket 
130147078-100IUI Connector Kit Left (Consists of: IUI Connector Left and Connector Seal)
12049000553IUI Connector Kit Right (Consists of: IUI Connector Right and Gasket)
63510010621Label, Door
630148372-000Label, Microstream
620148405-000Label, Patent
13510013668Luer Kit
16148140-000Luer Retainer
90147080-100Module latch Kit (Consists of: Latch, Latch Support, Leaf Spring and Compression Spring)
844300928Nut, Hex (Screw, Luer Retainer)
17321245O-Ring .364ID x .070W 60 DURO
46TC10003413PCB Retainer
75142794-000Rubber, Feet
825300348Screw, (Frame)
835320855Screw, (IUI Connector) & (Rear Case)
845300345Screw, (Latch Screws)
842303822Screw, (Luer Retainer)
846305121Screw, (Oridion Module, PCB Retainer)
843300347Screw, (Oridion Module, Stand-Off)
830806112Snap Rivet
36321270Standoff F/F 3/16 HEX x 3/8 4-40 AL
25146978-001Status Indicator Lens
N/A146980-000Status Indicator Lens Gasket
840320908Washer, (Rear Case Screw) & (Oridion Module, Stand-Off Screw Washer)


Other Items

Item #P/N ¹       Description
 49000418IUI COVER (GREEN) - package of 10
Z03NI748BDC002C02 Cal Gas - Air Liquide
  Sold by Medtronic 800-962-9888
 010443Smart CapnoLine® H Plus, Adult/Intermediate O2 - Oral-Nasal
 010625Smart CapnoLine® H Plus, Adult/Intermediate O2 - Oral-Nasal


Packing & Shipping Materials

Item #P/N ¹       Description
 147783-100PKG MTL APM 8000 (Box and foam)
 147784-100PKG MTL SINGLE LVP/SPO2 8X00
 147782-100PKG MTL FIVE UNIT LVP/SPO2 8X00
 10014428BOX PKG DIM 18X12X10 (Box only)
 10011844KIT  PACKAGING MATERIAL 8110 (Box and foam)
 10012054PCA PACKAGING ASSY. (Box and foam)


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