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Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) 8120

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) 8120

31st March, 2022

Item #P/N ¹       Description
349000227Actuator Knob Assembly (Complete Assembly) 
255TC10008324Actuator Knob Assembly (Componet Only)
275147836-002Actuator Knob, (Cam Pull Rod) 
271321041Actuator Knob, (Compression Spring)
265147834-001Actuator Knob, (Flag Shaft Interrupter) 
230147799-001Actuator Knob, (Plate Slide) 
325TC10006400Barrel Clamp 
342147987-002Barrel Clamp (Bushing)  
326321022Barrel Clamp (Compression Spring)
N/A10014496Barrel Clamp (Park Position Collar NYLOK Set Screw)
158TC10004194Barrel Clamp (Park Position Collar) ( pn10014496-Screw See up)
335147810-001Barrel Clamp (Potentiometer Extension Guide) 
321302513Barrel Clamp (Retaining Ring)
337321155Barrel Clamp (Shaft Seal) 
340147845-002Barrel Clamp (Shaft Support)
365TC10003525Board, Display Assembly 
360TC10005079Board, Flange Detector Sensor Assembly
395147816-105Board, IUI Interface Assembly 
390TC10007649Board, Logic Assembly  (PCA Only)
32712278652Sensor Assembly, Syringe Sizer 
810010010692Calibration Kit, Syringe/PCA (Complete Cal Kit)  
810010010691Calibration Kit, Syringe/PCA (Force Sensor Spring Tool Only)
8100148182-100Calibration Kit, Syringe/PCA (Sizers and Height Gauge Tools)
 49000323Calibration, Syringe Admin Set (single set) Syringe pressure disk
 148180-100Calibration Kit, Syringe/PCA (Syringe Sizers Set only)
 148181-100Calibration Kit, Syringe/PCA (Height Gauge Set only)
 49000214Case, Front Assembly Kit (PCA Only) 
406147872-001Case, Gasket Rear  
810013672Case, Rear Assembly Kit (PCA Only) 
834TC10006455Door, Front  (PCA Only)
832148285-000Door, Front Lockplate (PCA Only)
837TC10003086Door, Front Lockplate Strikeplate (PCA Only)
836TC10003331Door, Front Strikeplate  (PCA Only)
 TC10003130Door, Hinge (Bushings) (PCA Only)
835TC10003128Door, Hinge (PCA Only) (7 Screws #10012051 Sec Torx) (Lower Section of hinge requires 4 Hinge Bushings #TC10003130 & 4 Screws #10012051 Sec Torx for attaching to Front Case)
831148287-000Door, Rear  (PCA Only)
838148286-000Door, Rear LockPlate  (PCA Only) 
350TC10007202Flag Barrel Position 
355147848-001Flag Leaf Spring
345TC10007599Flag Seal 
246TC10003157Retainer, Flex Cable   
25010013882Board, Force Sensor Assembly Kit (includes screws NYLOCK #10013293) 
203147815-000Force Sensor Seal
10147539-101Frame Drive Train Extrusion (3 Screws #321033 & 5 Screws #300923)
380147739-100Frame, Internal (2 Screws #301708 & 3 Screws #300923)
120147537-000Guide Rod
450TC10003262Handle, Left (PCA Only)
455TC10003263Handle, Right  (PCA Only)
80910013795Handset, With Label (PCA Only) 
804148299-100Harness, Handset Assembly Ground Strap
805148298-100Harness, Handset Assembly
249000213Housing Complete Assembly (Includes Force Sensor Board and Complete Actuator Knob Assembly) (Swap & Go Assembly)
385TC10008719IUI Bracket 
375147792-000IUI Bracket Strap (Ground Strap)
400TC10008308IUI Support Bracket
86010010964Key Kit (2 Keys per Kit) (PCA Only)
373147851-101LED, Backlight Harness Keypad
2004147078-100IUI Connector Kit Left (Consists of: IUI Connector Left and Connector Seal)
200349000553IUI Connector Kit Right (Consists of: IUI Connector Right and Gasket)
200610013532Module latch Kit (Consists of: Latch, Latch Support, Leaf Spring and Compression Spring)
549000225Kit, Lead Screw Assembly
449000213Kit, Lower Housing/DRARM Tube Assembly(4 Screws #321062 & 4 O-Rings #321100)
645148013-000Label Patent 
421TC10003259Latch, Bracket Module (PCA Only) (Security Bottom Latch Cover)
416148470-000Latch, Lever Module (PCA Only) (Security Door)
417148494-000Latch, Lever Module Cover  (PCA Only) (Security Door)
800148242-001Latch, Module Bushing  (PCA Only) (Latch Module Bottom Plate)
802TC10003090Latch, Module Bushing Support (PCA Only) (Latch Module Bottom Plate)
801148245-001Latch, Module Rod (PCA Only) (Latch Module Bottom Plate)
418148495-000Latch, Seal Module (PCA Only) (Security Door)
295147741-000Lens Status Indicator  
15TC10008848Board, LINEAR SENSOR 8110/8120
205147814-000Lock Plate, Force Sensor 
200110013524Lock, Assembly Kit (PCA Only)
649000248Motor Pulley Assembly 
85TC10008310Motor, (Bushing Isolation)
93321050Motor, (Rubber Grommet, Used with Motor Bushing)
461321100O-Ring, (Lower Housing to Upper Housing)
70TC10008372Plate Bottom Frame 
398TC10003920Retainer Clip for (Cable Assy, Dual End Connector)
410142794-000Rubber, Feet 
480303655Screw, (Board, Flange Detector Sensor Assembly)
49810012051Screw, (Door Hinge Security Torx) (PCA Only)
49710012053Screw, (Door, Front Lockplate Strikeplate) (PCA Only)
47410015818Screw, (Force Sensor NYLOCK)
488301708Screw, (IUI Bracket) & (Internal Frame at Top)
490320855Screw, (IUI Connector) & (Rear Case)
42210010865Screw, (Latch Module) Security Torx
478148225-000Screw, (Lower Housing to Upper Housing) & (Lock Plate, Force Sensor)
492320851Screw, (Rear Case, Bottom Left) & (Latch Kit) & (Left Handle)
496321035Screw, (Right Handle)
32712278652Sensor Assembly, Syringe Size 
396806112Snap Rivot
806148373-100Strap Wrap, Dose Request Assembly (Wrap & Brass Snap Will need to order screw #12276462 and washer #320761) (PCA Only)
 12232252Technical Service Manual  (Syringe/PCA)
112321031Timing Belt 
285TC10007851Upper Housing (4 Screws #321062 & 4 O-Rings #321100)
491320729Washer, (Rear Case)
494320167Washer, (Rear Case, Bottom Left)


Other Items

Item #P/N ¹       Description
 49000418IUI COVER (GREEN) - package of 10
 49000419IUI COVER - PCA (PINK) - package of 5

Packing & Shipping Materials

Item #P/N ¹       Description
 147783-100PKG MTL APM 8000 (Box and foam)
 147784-100PKG MTL SINGLE LVP/SPO2 8X00
 147782-100PKG MTL FIVE UNIT LVP/SPO2 8X00
 10014428BOX PKG DIM 18X12X10 (Box only)
 10011844KIT  PACKAGING MATERIAL 8110 (Box and foam)
 10012054PCA PACKAGING ASSY. (Box and foam)
 10210838handset PCA Lbel only.



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