BD COVID-19 response — manual inventory allocation     

 BD recognizes the essential role our critical medical devices play in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. We have ramped up production and continue to meet current demand for the vast majority of our products. However, we are seeing high demand in select product categories because of a prolonged flu season and the coronavirus pandemic. We have placed the following products on manual inventory allocation to supply our customers as much as possible during this challenging time. For the latest on BD's response efforts, visit                                                   


Up-to-date lists of products on manual inventory allocation

Alaris™ System and Infusion Disposables

US Specimen Management Supply Update Site


Last updated October 5, 2021

Infusion Sets

As product demand has evolved over the past several months, the majority of BD and Alaris infusion sets are no longer on manual inventory allocation. However, we will temporarily maintain a limited catalog of BD Alaris™ pump sets.

We continue to provide our distribution network and channel partners with regular updates on product availability to ensure deliverability through standard channels.

Your BD account management and clinical consultant teams are available to assist you with any questions regarding product status or clinical practice. For information on available SKUs and product substitute recommendations, please refer to the IV Set Formulary Catalog.

BD Alaris™ System

We understand that while distribution is suspended for the BD Alaris™ System, you may have an immediate medical need that requires a limited shipment. As a result, we have established a process by which existing customers with Alaris™ System devices may request limited shipment of the BD Alaris™ System software compatible devices upon certification of medical necessity. Further due to increased COVID-19 demand, BD will limit approved medical necessity orders to an equitable allocation to ensure we effectively serve our existing customers as well as serve areas of the country with high census due to treatment of COVID-19 patients.

US Specimen Management Supply Update Site

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