BD Pyxis Logistics

Medication inventory management solution

BD Pyxis Logistics software helps track medications, simplify workflows, improve productivity and reduce medication cost and waste. This solution provides visibility into all medication storage areas, enabling integrated medication management across the enterprise.

Inventory management

Provides system-wide visibility to manage medication in all inventory locations including controlled substances and clean room inventory.

Workflow efficiency

Drives automated workflows for the ordering, receiving, picking, and returning of medications.

Enterprise connectivity

Connected medication management through integration with BD Pyxis MedStationES, BD Pyxis IV Prep, BD Pyxis CIISafe, and BD HealthSight

Improved patient safety

The BD Pyxis Logistics barcode verification feature reduces risk by confirming the right drug is picked or restocked.

Reduced inventory carrying costs

Visibility into actual, on-hand inventory helps increase inventory turns and reduce expired and wasted medications.

Increased productivity

"Pick-to-light" and "smart-sort" technology helps users quickly identify the right medication, increasing productivity.

Flexible solutions

Depending on the facility size, inventory can be managed using software and carousels, or a software-only configuration with our mobile handheld device and printer.

Space optimization

The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel allows for more medications to be stored within a smaller footprint and are configurable to optimize inventory storage.

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