Snowden-Pencer ergonomic laparoscopic instruments

Get a firm grasp on our laparoscopic instrumentation

Snowden-Pencer ergonomic laparoscopic instruments help you safely and efficiently perform laparoscopy surgery. The instruments feature state-of-the-art, ergonomic handles and a large variety of jaw patterns to meet your minimally invasive surgery needs with comfort and precision.


Ergonomic in-line and pistol-grip instruments

Our ergonomic in-line and pistol-grip laparoscopic instruments allow multiple grips. They are available in a variety of jaw patterns.


Ergonomic ring-handle instruments: single piece

Designed with surgeon-researched enhancements, our ergonomic ring-handle laparoscopic surgery instruments offer comfort, versatility and durability.


Ergonomic ring-handle instruments: modular

Our versatile, ergonomic modular laparoscopic surgery instruments offer hand comfort, performance precision and visual inspection during cleaning.


Ergonomic reposable laparoscopic scissors

Our reposable laparoscopic scissors feature reusable handles and disposable scissor tips to provide excellent cutting performance.

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