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BD Aptra™ Digital Endoscope System

When your choice is a single-use scope, you should expect enhanced image quality, a small outer diameter and maximum deflection.

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The BD Aptra™ Ureteroscope is our answer to the natural evolution of ureteroscopy: a single-use device combining essential visualization, increased functionality, and comfort.  Without the unnecessary variabilities of reusable ureteroscopes—from unpredictable downtime and expensive repairs to diminishing performance and lifecycles. The BD Aptra™ Ureteroscope provides a responsive solution to meet the demands associated with increasing case numbers.

BD Aptra™—Championing single-use adoption, because it's the smart and responsible thing to do

The BD Aptra™ Ureteroscope offers:

  • Image quality enhanced with the light source inside the tip of the scope
  • Tapered 7.4 Fr. distal tip.
  • Design for maximum deflection to reach stones in the lower pole

A ureteroscope is the cornerstone visualization tool of a urological procedure.


Enhanced Image Quality

  • In simulated testing, data shows that the average resolution on the BD Aptra™ Ureteroscope is better than the LithoVue™ ureteroscope at all conclusive target distances.*
  • Camera module which produced an image resolution of 400 x 400 pixels.


*Based on resolution bench-top testing at varying distances. May not be indicative of actual clinical performance. 

Handle Functionality

  • Ergonomic handle design & optimized location of access port and power cord for easier handling.
  • Two programmable buttons to control key functionalities (e.g. brightness, zoom) and up to 3 unique user profiles can be stored on the BD Aptra™ Image System.

Specially Engineered Tip

  • A 3.6 Fr. working channel, camera module, and two LEDs are all built into a tapered 7.4 Fr. tip.
  • LEDs at the tip for enhanced illumination and overall image quality.

Designed for a greater maximum deflection angle

  • The BD Aptra™ Ureteroscope has a 5˚ greater maximum deflection angle than the LithoVue™ ureteroscope.**
  • Maximum deflection of 275˚ in two directions.


**Information for LithoVue™ excerpted from literature published by Boston Scientific.

Products & Accessories
  • product-image

    BD Aptra™ Image System

  • product-image

    BD Aptra™ Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope Reverse Deflection Model

  • product-image

    BD Aptra™ Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope Standard Deflection Model

    BD Aptra™ Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope Standard Deflection Model

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