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BD CytoRich™ Fixatives

Removes non-diagnostic components from specimens

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BD CytoRich™ non-gyn fixatives help collect, preserve, and transport and transfer cytology specimens with hemolytic and nonhemolytic options.

The fixative properties of BD CytoRich™ preservative fluids work with the discrete batch processing capabilities of BD PrepStain™ and BD Totalys™ SlidePrep processors to provide standardized yet flexible solutions for non-gyn cytology.

Features and Benefits
BD CytoRich clear vial
BD CytoRich™ clear vial
The clear vial is indicated to process non-gyn samples using cell enrichment. It is ideal for small-volume samples (e.g., brushings, FNA), but it can also be used with larger sample pellets.
BD CytoRich red preservative
BD CytoRich™ red preservative
Indicated for bloody sample types, this fixative lyses red blood cells and solubilizes proteins while preserving the diagnostically relevant cells.
BD CytoRich clear preservative
BD CytoRich™ clear preservative
This general purpose fixative can be used with all sample types.
BD CytoRich blue preservative
BD CytoRich™ blue preservative
This general purpose fixative is excellent for urine when the blood cells need to remain intact.
Products & Accessories
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    BD™ Non-GYN Stain Kit, 480 Tests

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    BD CytoRich™ Red Preservative Fluid, 3.6 L

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    BD CytoRich™ Blue Preservative Fluid, 3.6 L

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    BD PrepStain™ Non Gyn Kit, 192 Tests


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