Biosurgery Products: Sealants & Hemostats

A unique family of sealing and hemostatic biosurgery solutions designed to meet your surgical needs.

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BD provides sealants and hemostatic products that assist surgical procedures across a broad range of surgical specialties.

  • Biosurgery Hemostats 

    We offer a wide variety of hemostat products that assist surgeons accelerate natural clot formation and address bleeding in many surgical applications. In addition, we offer ready-to-use designs to support the hemostat application process.

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  •  Biosurgery Sealants

    Our sealant solutions are designed and indicated to treat air leaks during thoracic and aortic surgery. Progel™ Pleural Air Leak Sealant is the only sealant FDA approved and clinically proven to seal air leaks in both open and minimally invasive thoracic surgery.

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Related Solutions

Avitene™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat

Microfibrillar collagen hemostat flour enhances platelet aggregation and accelerates clot formation.


Tridyne™ Vascular Sealant

A hemostasis solution that provides a strong elastic seal to reinforce aortic anastomoses and control bleeding.


Arista™ AH Absorbable Hemostat

Absorbable hemostatic particles dehydrate and gel the blood on contact to accelerate the natural clotting process.

Progel™ Pleural Air Leak Sealant

Progel™ Pleural Air Leak Sealant

Microfibrillar collagen hemostat flour enhances platelet aggregation and accelerates clot formation.A unique hemostasis designed to address postoperative air leak complications in both open and minimally invasive thoracic surgery.


Ambulatory Surgery Center Solution

The BD Ambulatory Surgery Center portfolio of category-leading products, innovative solutions and dedicated support is designed to help ASCs improve clinical efficiency and enhance patient care.

Biosurgery is the use of biological materials intended to replace synthetic materials within a surgical procedure. This is normally performed with the goal of either reconstructing or sealing together tissues within the body. 

Biosurgery products involved in hemostasis include topical hemostats such as collagen, gelatins, microfibrillar collagen, cellulose, thrombin, biological adhesives, as well as surgical sealants.

Biosurgery products may be used for procedures that deal with closing or restoring tissues in the body. Procedures such as hernia repair, aortic surgery, thoracic surgery, and neural tissue support are all cases where biosurgery may be used to improve health outcomes. BD offers a portfolio of products that are considered Biosurgery products. However, these products can not be used in all aforementioned use cases. Please see specific product IFUs for more information on what procedures BD products can be utilized in. 

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