Advancing Medication Management in Support of Safer Patient Care

BD’s Compounding Expert Committee Convening
April 2024

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Craig Greszler

Senior Manager,
Medical Affairs

This April, BD brought together a group of esteemed experts in the pharmacy compounding space, commencing in an insightful keynote from Christopher Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation. The event showcased the company's commitment to innovation and collaboration in the healthcare space in support of advancing safer, simpler, and smarter medication management.


Throughout the summit, participants delved into the complexities of drug compounding, exploring innovative approaches and best practices to enhance medication safety. The diverse range of perspectives brought to the table underscored the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration in addressing critical healthcare challenges.


The keynote address by Christopher Jerry, founder of the Emily Jerry Foundation, commenced with a poignant reminder of the human impact of medication errors. Sharing his daughter’s tragic story, Jerry emphasized the profound personal significance of his foundation’s mission of bringing awareness to preventable medical errors. Additionally, he shared the numerous ways his foundation collaborates with healthcare facilities, clinicians, and experts in the space to advance solutions that support clinician, patient, and medication safety.


In his keynote, Jerry shared a powerful message encapsulating his dedication to the cause: "While I knew there was no way to bring Emily back, I could honor her legacy in my work with the Emily Jerry Foundation by being an active part of the solution. I was committed to understanding where the systems, processes and protocols broke down that horrible day that set these amazing clinicians and caregivers up to fail." Jerry continued, “We are making progress – what I hope to do is to have each and every person in this room – inspired and as hopeful as I am – that we are saving lives today, but there are so many more lives we can save through this work in the future.” His words served as a rallying cry for continued efforts to improve medication management practices, ensuring that tragedies like Emily's are never forgotten and that strides are continually made towards a safer healthcare landscape.


As the event drew to a close, participants left inspired and invigorated, armed with new insights and collaborations to drive meaningful change in pharmacy compounding, patient safety and medication management practices. BD remains steadfast in its commitment towards advancing safer, simpler, and smarter healthcare solutions, guided by the invaluable expertise and passion shared during this transformative convening.