Five Key Learnings from 20 Years of Advancing the BD Alaris™ Infusion System

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Joni Meiter, MSN, RN

Infusion Professional Services

May 2024

As VP of Infusion Professional Services, I've spent nearly two decades navigating the complexities of healthcare technology in my work supporting the BD Alaris™ Infusion System. Yet, my journey began as a critical care nurse, where my passion for patient care was born. My background in critical care, particularly in open heart units, instilled in me a deep appreciation for the role of infusion therapy in health care.

Infusion therapy is integral to patient care, with nearly every hospitalized individual requiring some form of intravenous treatment. However, the landscape has evolved dramatically since my early days in nursing.

Here are five learnings I’d like to share from my time at BD supporting our infusion portfolio.

  1. Supporting Safety
    Safety is paramount in infusion care, and advancements in technology, like our BD Alaris™ Infusion System, have supported infusion delivery enhancements to patient care. I vividly recall the days of manually calculating doses, a practice that came fraught with more risks to the patient. Now, with advancements such as Guardrails and our drug libraries, we've made significant strides in enhancing patient safety and reducing errors at the bedside.

  2. Advancing Interoperability
    Interoperability, another cornerstone of our BD Alaris™ Infusion System, adds yet another layer of safety by minimizing key press errors and streamlining workflows. 

  3. Continuous Education
    Educating and training nurses is essential in ensuring the optimal utilization of these technologies. We strive for 100% education during implementation, recognizing that ongoing training is vital to maintaining competency and preventing the perpetuation of outdated practices.

  4. Building Relationships
    Building relationships with our customers goes beyond mere transactions; it's about collaboration and continuous improvement. Feedback from frontline healthcare professionals helps inform our product development and drives innovation and enhancements to our infusion portfolio. Whether it's optimizing device usability or addressing cybersecurity concerns, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.

  5. Innovation Commitment
    Innovation isn't just about introducing new features; it's about empowering nurses to focus on what matters most: patient care. Technologies like BD Alaris™ EMR Interoperability not only supports the automation of mundane tasks, but also affords nurses more time at the bedside, fostering meaningful patient interactions and helping support improved patient outcomes.

Reflecting on my journey from the bedside to the boardroom, I'm proud of the advancements we've made in infusion therapy. Yet, there's always more to do, and more lives to impact. As we look forward, BD’s commitment to safer, smarter, and simpler healthcare remains steadfast. With each innovation, we reaffirm our dedication to enhancing patient care and supporting the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals worldwide.

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