Finding and Addressing the Gaps in the IV Medication Management Process webcast

BD Alaris™
Errors involving IV medications can result in significant patient harm, given the immediate bioavailability and narrow therapeutic index of many drugs administered intravenously. 

With likely more than 90% of hospitalized patients receiving some form of intravenous drug therapy during their stay, it is important for organizations to identify and address related vulnerabilities with IV medication use. This webinar will focus on the multiple risks associated with intravenous medications and the need to adopt proven technologies and best practices to optimize safety. The speaker will present an overview of error-reduction strategies for infusion therapy, including technologies that support IV compounding. She will also discuss the value of adopting barcoding technology and smart infusion pumps integrated with the electronic health record (EHR) to promote safe IV medication preparation and administration.



Learning objectives

  • Identify common unsafe practices and at-risk behaviors associated with the preparation and administration of sterile medications that contribute to patient harm.
  • Discuss several technologies designed to support safe practice with IV medication use.
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