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Medical Affairs Medical Information (MI) team is prepared to answer your questions in support of clinical, technical and BD product information. MI's purpose is to empower others by offering patient-centered single science-based source of truth information to advance the world of health.

Responses involve utilization of state-of-the-art medical and scientific information possibly including usage covered by, consistent with or not included in the product label. In this capacity, MI provides clinical, scientific, and technical expertise to educate individuals about scientific topics relevant to BD Products and therapeutic areas of interest. MI is part of Medical Affairs (MA) and separate from Marketing, Sales, and all other commercial functions.

Medical Information Request (MIR) Form

This form is not to be used for a BD product complaint.

To report a product complaint for a BD Product, use this link.

This form is for unsolicited requests from Healthcare Professionals, not for internal BD.

What is a Medical Information Request (MIR)?

Any unsolicited request from a Healthcare Professional (HCP) for medical, scientific, or technical information that gets routed to Medical Affairs (MA) because it cannot be answered based on the product’s current prescribing information, or Instructions for Use (IFU), as cleared or approved by the appropriate competent regulatory authority (e.g., Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or other local authority).

Completion of the MIR Submission Form via the internet is considered an electronic signature and consent from the submitter that the request is unsolicited and unprompted by a company representative.

If Medical Affairs personnel receive a request for medical information from an HCP indirectly via another Medical Device (MD) representative outside of Medical Affairs, they may not respond, but should direct the employee to advise the HCP to use one of the approved MIR intake channels to contact Medical Affairs personnel directly.

Responses to MIRs are prepared by Medical Affairs MI subject matter experts. Treatment recommendations are not permitted.


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