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Advancing the world of health™   for billions of people worldwide and addressing some of the greatest health challenges

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Healthcare providers rely on us for comprehensive solutions across discovery, diagnostics and delivery of care at critical moments throughout their patients’ lives.

By leveraging our global network of cutting-edge science and technology, powerful partnerships and the brightest minds in med tech, we’re helping healthcare professionals and organizations achieve better outcomes and patient experiences, while optimizing care delivery.

As we continuously innovate our category-leading core platforms, we're also focused on three irreversible trends driving the future of healthcare.

Smart connected care

Artificial intelligence, informatics and robotics will transform healthcare processes, tools and treatments

Example areas:

  • Smart medical devices
  • Lab automation and informatics
  • Connected medication management
New care settings

Shifts into new settings create major opportunities to improve patient outcomes and costs

Example areas: 

  • Point of care diagnostics
  • Non-acute medication management
  • Home urinary incontinence 
Chronic disease outcomes
Chronic disease outcomes

Medical technology will have a growing role in improving outcomes in chronic diseases

Example areas: 

  • Self-administered drug delivery
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • End-stage kidney disease

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Innovation that is Advancing the World of Health™

Your idea may have the potential to impact the lives of millions of people. But a great idea is not enough.

To turn concept into reality, you need a relationship with an experienced medical technology innovator and manufacturer—one with the resources, expertise, and integrity to make it happen.

At BD, our success stems from partnering with inspired individuals and organizations on a global basis to bring innovative, new products that help manage or reduce costs, improve the patient experience and achieve better outcomes. Read more in the BD Idea Submission program brochure.

Online Idea Submission Form

Idea Submission Form

Your Partner from Idea to Commercialization

As a global leader in healthcare, BD has the network and capabilities to bring your idea into mainstream use. We offer:


How to Submit your Idea

To ensure prompt consideration and proper protection of your idea, please follow the steps below to submit your idea to BD:

  • Complete the BD Idea Submission Form, paying special attention to the general description of your product. This is the baseline information that BD will need to determine whether your submission can be considered for further investigation.
  • If more than one person has contributed to the concept, list all such persons on the BD Idea Submission Form.
  • Following preliminary review, if BD is interested in moving forward, BD may request that both parties enter into a Confidentiality Agreement. This agreement allows for the exchange of more detailed information and helps protect both you and BD.
  • BD will examine your idea thoroughly and contact you regarding next steps.
Confidentiality, Product Protection and Legal Arrangements

In your initial submission, please do not provide confidential information.

BD assumes no obligation to protect, retain, or hold confidential any information disclosed in any submission or in conversations prior to a formal written agreement between you and BD. BD may be aware of other products or concepts that could impact our decision to adopt your product idea.

To protect your product idea, we recommend applying for patent protection prior to submitting your proposal.

BD strives to generate the greatest social and commercial benefit from outside ideas. Should we move forward, BD will work with you to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement that may include license agreements for the development and commercialization of your product.

Send us an idea now through the online Idea Submission Form.



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