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BSI diagnostic testing matters. 

A bloodstream infection (BSI) can lead to a dysregulated immune response if untreated. BSI’s can lead to potentially life-threatening conditions, including sepsis.

Blood culture is a critical tool in the diagnosis and management of sepsis

Identifying BSIs and treating symptoms quickly and effectively may impact sepsis-related mortality.2,3,4

To make substantial improvements to BSI testing, consider the entire diagnostic pathway – from blood culture collection to result. 

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Did you know?
  • Inconsistent blood culture collection can lead to contaminated blood culture bottles that inadvertently flag positive.5,6,7
  • Inconsistent collection practices can also lead to under-filled bottles that prompt a redraw.5,6
  • Under-filled bottles can result in under-diagnosis of BSI’s and potentially longer time to detection.5,6
  • Contaminated blood cultures could mean that a patient remains on inappropriate antibiotic treatment for longer than necessary.5,7


Have you realized?

The ability to appropriately treat bloodstream infections (BSIs) and sepsis relies largely on the quality of your sample, and on the speed and accuracy of your lab’s identification (ID) and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) systems. Challenges related to limited organism coverage, outdated breakpoints, and inefficient workflows may further disrupt patient care and can lead to delayed results, added tests, and higher costs.


It's time for a more holistic approach for the management of BSI testing. The BD ID/AST offering, as part of the complete BD BSI solution, helps enable clinicians to make critical patient management decisions based on the speed, accuracy, and breadth of coverage of the BD portfolio.

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* MALDI Biotyper CA System can only be sold in the USA and Puerto Rico.

The MALDI Biotyper is also available in Research Use Only (RUO), General Purpose (GP) and IVD CE labels.  Please contact your local representative for availability in your country.






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