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Take an integrated approach to BSI testing.

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BSI diagnostic testing matters. 

A bloodstream infection (BSI) can lead to a dysregulated immune response if untreated. BSI’s can lead to potentially life-threatening conditions, including sepsis.

Blood culture is a critical tool in the diagnosis and management of sepsis

Identifying BSIs and treating symptoms quickly and effectively may impact sepsis-related mortality.2,3,4

To make substantial improvements to BSI testing, consider the entire diagnostic pathway – from blood culture collection to result. 

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Did you know?
Did you know?
  • Inconsistent blood culture collection can lead to contaminated blood culture bottles that inadvertently flag positive.5,6,7
  • Inconsistent collection practices can also lead to under-filled bottles that prompt a redraw.5,6
  • Under-filled bottles can result in under-diagnosis of BSI’s and potentially longer time to detection.5,6
  • Contaminated blood cultures could mean that a patient remains on inappropriate antibiotic treatment for longer than necessary.5,7


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