Microbiology solutions

Create a culture of more efficient microbiology testing

BD Life Sciences – Integrated Diagnostic Solutions maintains an extensive portfolio of microbiology solutions designed to make your laboratory run more efficiently and effectively. As integrated, end-to-end offerings, they help enhance testing while streamlining workflows to improve outcomes and reduce overall costs.

Blood culture

BD Life Sciences ‒ Diagnostic Systems provides a proven, full-spectrum blood culture offering for all three phases of testing.

Culture media

BD offers growth media with more than 180 years of combined expertise with BD Difco and BD BBL products.

Environmental systems

BD can help generate anaerobic, microaerophilic or C02-enriched atmospheres in containers or jars.

Identification and susceptibility testing

BD offers multiple platforms for identification and susceptibility testing, including the BD Phoenix system, the BD Bruker MALDI biotyper and BD BBL Sensi-Disc products.

Industrial microbiology

BD offers solutions for industrial laboratories.

Lab equipment and supplies

BD offers a complete line of laboratory products to meet the demands of both clinical and industrial laboratories.

Mycobacteria testing

BD Life Sciences – Diagnostic Systems offers an extensive line of products for your mycobacteriology laboratory.

Point-of-care testing

BD rapid testing products are standout performers for accuracy, sensitivity and convenience.

Serology testing

BD serology testing products are stand out performers for accuracy, sensitivity and convenience.

Stains and reagents

BD conveniently offers a broad line of reagent droppers, diagnostic kits, antigens and antisera, and Strep grouping products.

Swab-based specimen collection

BD swab-based specimen collection systems are designed for optimal collection and organism recovery.

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