IV Care and Maintenance

BD offers a full portfolio of IV care and maintenance products that provide clinicians with the tools they need to help prevent catheter dislodgement and site contamination.

IV Care and Maintenance

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Skin preparation

  • ChloraPrep Family straight -.cq5dam

    BD ChloraPrep™ Applicators with Sterile Solution

    BD ChloraPrep™ is a broad-spectrum, rapid-acting patient preoperative skin preparation with persistent antimicrobial activity for at least 7 days.

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IV dressings and securement

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    BD Statlock™ Stabilization Device

    The BD StatLock™ Stabilization Device portfolio ensures that healthcare professionals have the correct catheter stabilization solution for virtually any vascular access device used by their facility.

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    Securis™ Stabilization Device

    The Securis™ Stabilization Device was designed to secure non-winged PIVC catheters and minimize skin irritation.

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    GuardIVa™ Antimicrobial Hemostatic IV Dressing

    GuardIVa™ Dressing is an antimicrobial dressing that is also indicated to control surface bleeding at insertion sites. 

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Needle-free connectors

  • MaxPlus™ and MaxZero™ Needle-free Connector

    MaxPlus™ and MaxZero™ Needle-free Connector

    The MaxPlus™ and MaxZero™ Needle-free Connector technology is designed to help reduce the risk of infections and occlusions.

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    Q-Syte™ Needle-free Connector

    The Q-Syte™ Needle-free Connector has a split septum design that adheres to CDC and INICC guidelines for reducing CRBSIs.

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  • smart-site-needle-free-connectors_H_VA_0717-0023_card

    SmartSite™ Needle-free Connector

    The SmartSite™ needle-free valve provides a wide variety of benefits in IV therapy, including helping prevent infection.

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Disinfecting caps

  • BD PureHub™ Disinfecting Cap

    PureHub™ Disinfecting Cap

    The PureHub™ Disinfecting Cap acts as a physical barrier between line accesses and is indicated as a disinfecting device for swabbable needle-free luer connectors prior to IV access.

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  • _bardaccess_site_scrub_chg_draft.png

    Site-Scrub™ IPA Disinfecting Device

    Site-Scrub™ IPA Device disinfects injection ports and female luer hubs through a friction scrub device with 70% IPA designed to disinfect catheter hubs with a 10-second scrub

Pre-filled flush syringes

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    PosiFlush™ Pre-filled Flush Syringe

    PosiFlush™ Pre-filled Flush Syringes are designed to help reduce the risk of medication errors and may help lower the risk of catheter damage and reduce disposal waste.

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  • BD_PosiflushSafeScrub_Product_DSC00021_1

    PosiFlush™ SafeScrub Prefilled Saline Syringe

    With an active disinfection unit built into the tip of the syringe, the all-in-one PosiFlush™ SafeScrub Prefilled Saline Flush Syringe is demonstrated to significantly reduce microbial growth associated with potentially serious CRBSIs.

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